Our Story – Hatano Sen 旗之千
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      Our Story

      Our Hatano Sen collection embodies the ancient Japanese traits of graceful elegance and quiet strength within our products. No such accessories that embody the soul of the Japanese tradition in a modern context exist today, which is why we took it upon ourselves to forge a line of accessories that capture the pure essence of this quintessential beauty.

      Due to our Japanese roots, we are able to acquire the superb quality of traditional craftsmanship and materials at a fraction of the normal cost. This enables us to bring these masterfully hand-crafted accessories to market without exorbitant markups, allowing you to enjoy the allure of these artful symbols of Japanese heritage at breathtakingly reasonable prices.

      The Japanese Tradition

      Justice. Courage. Benevolence. Respect. Honesty. Honor. Loyalty. 

      These seven virtues governed the lives of the ancient samurai warrior: men whose greatest strength lay not in their prodigious combat skill, but in the invincibility of their minds. While we no longer dress in armor and carry swords, the value of these principles have not diminished.

      Our accessories, made of the same steel that graced the blades of these great warriors' swords, carry deep cultural significance and are a testament to the quiet elegance of the Japanese tradition.

      Our Team

      The Hatano Sen team consists of graduates from the prestigious 上智大学 (Jōchi Daigaku) located in Tokyo, which is where the concept and our vision of spreading Japanese culture on a global scale was initially conceived!