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      Collaborating with a venerable master smith, Hatano Sen captures his workmanship in every facet of our production processes. Every one of our accessories is made from the finest materials, and crafted with the precision and loving care that only a true artisan can muster. 

      Our smith's workshop

      These artful creations (as well as the materials used in their creation) are individually hand-made and made-to-order, which means that no two accessories will ever be the same. 

      In order to commit to our mission of broadcasting Japanese culture throughout the world, we price our accessories at extremely affordable rates considering the amount of effort required for their production, forgoing the usual markups that see products of a similar type going for hundreds or thousands of dollars.

      To showcase our faith in the quality of our products, and to adhere to our standards of customer satisfaction, we ask that our customers contact us immediately should any issue with our products arise. We will do everything in our power to ensure that you are completely satisfied with your order, but please note that refunds will only be offered on a case by case basis.

      If you wish to cancel your order, you must submit the cancellation request to our email address ( within 24 hours of placing your order, as orders are unable to be cancelled once the smith has begun work on the piece. In addition, please note that orders specifying custom designs (engravings or special sizes etc.) are not able to be refunded or cancelled. If you have ordered a wrong size in error and would like a new size to be sent to you, please note that there will be a reforging fee (that depends on the piece to be reforged) that ranges from $15 - $75.

      Please provide any feedback or direct any inquiries to!

      Our Steel

      Japanese katanas are renowned around the world for their steel. Acquired through a long, arduous process of constant refinement, this precious metal (known as True Tamahagane) is the very pinnacle of high-end metallurgy. A single ingot of this incredibly valuable steel is worth its weight in gold, costing thousands of dollars and is a nationally protected resource in Japan.

      A chunk of raw Tamahagane

      A chunk of raw Tamahagane

      At the same time, no one can doubt the aesthetic beauty of pattern-welded steel often seen in the likes of Damascus or Wootz steel. The act of folding steel of differing hardness during the forging process creates unique swirls of contrasting colors, mesmerizing those who look upon it.  

      Working closely with our master artisan, we are proud to announce a line of accessories forged from a contemporary twist on the traditional high carbon metal that is influenced by the original Japanese “Tatara” production techniques, combined with the layering processes used to birth the aesthetic beauty of Damascus metals to create a metal as close to True Tamahagane as possible. As some of the most intricate markings are usually found on the hada of a katana, we have requested the smith to capture this effect in our accessories by carefully specifying the number of folds in the forging process, along with an acid etching to bring the pattern to the fore. Too few folds would result in a highly impure product; too many would cause the pattern to simply disappear.

      The folding process

      We use this rare, unique fusion of old and new to cultivate the perfect accessories for the modern warrior.

      Please note that the patterns on each piece will vary according to the folds of the metal as well as the location on the ingot that the piece is cut from. As such, each accessory we produce is entirely unique in its existence!