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      Our Reviews

      Based on 499 reviews
      The HASHIRA 柱
      Carlos Esquivel
      love it

      i absolutely love it

      The Men-Yoroi 面鎧
      Casey Tolivar

      a great addition to my gear, ill be remembering hatano sen...

      The SUMI-E 墨絵
      Joshua Deacon

      Got the wrong ring. They’re fixing it!!! ❤️

      Hey Joshua!

      Thanks for reaching out and giving us a chance to make things right. We should have the right ring for you soon and will send it over once we have it.

      Sorry for the mix up, and thank you for your patience and understanding!

      Hatano Sen

      Love 縁結
      Gian Andrei Dela Cruz
      Perfect Omamori's

      Looks just as good in person, even more so. Highly recommend buying!

      The NOBUNAGA 信長
      Michael Wells
      Wonderful Piece

      The Nobunaga is a wondrous piece- great edge and beautiful to look at. The only reason for four-stars is slight scratches on the handle upon delivery.

      Good Health 健康
      Carolyn Honda

      Thank you very much. The presentation box is just the start, and when you open there is a beautiful piece I wanted to keep!!! The sentiment is gorgeous. Thank you.

      The HASHIRA 柱
      Julius Vedasto
      Great Pendant, Weak Chain

      I finally received my Hashira necklace after four weeks and the pendant itself was solid and exactly what was described. I had a lot of people notice and compliment the pendant. I'm giving it three stars though because the chain broke after three days. I'm about to find and buy a better chain so I can continue wearing the pendant.

      Great Customer Service

      I bought the Orihime & Hikoboshi as an anniversary gift for my girlfriend and I. The customer service and info response team has been incredibly helpful in keeping me up to date with my order. I cannot wait to order from here again!


      I love my Magatama, and I'm amazed at how nicely it was made. It was well worth the wait, I'm going to buy a stronger chain for it and wear it everyday!

      The YOICHI 与一
      Ferdinamd Baez

      I enjoyed it, its heavier b than I thought traded the chain f I r a leather cord, but it's great sho I ld had engraved with a Kanji water sign

      The NOBUNAGA 信長
      Kelly Liotta

      Absolutely wonderful! Very high quality. I bought the Nobunaga knife for my boyfriend and it came pretty sharp actually which was a huge surprise! It also came with a leather holster. He said "Super high quality, definitely not something I would want to use daily because I wouldn't want to ruin the beauty of it but amazing!"


      Wonderfully crafted and better than I had hoped.

      The SŌHEI 僧兵
      Great craftsmanship!

      The bracelet is very well made, the customer service is great, and the product arrives in a very nice wooden box.

      The YOICHI 与一
      Fernando G.I.
      LOVE IT

      This is such a beautiful and unique peace of jewelry. I could not be more impressed with this necklace! The craftsmanship is wonderful! If you are thinking of buying it just DO IT!!!




      Very Nice

      The KOJIRO 小次郎
      Andrew Smith
      Very beautiful

      The different metals really show, Damascus style artistry!

      The SŌHEI 僧兵
      Andre Roberts

      This bracelet is perfect. Thank you

      The HASHIRA 柱
      Alicia Blanton

      This necklace was perfect and absolutely beautiful! So glad that I purchased it!!!!

      The KOJIRO 小次郎
      Rick Strother of Newport R.I.

      Love the ring thanks!

      The TAMASHI 魂
      Roland Sanchez
      The Tamashi is even better in person!

      The tamashi really caught my eye with its design, a nice simple piece, but elevated especially when you get an engraving, I sprung for a traditional Japanese kanji meaning as with some of the other items from hatano sen, looks perfect with it the engraving quality is great on the metal. the engraving shows really nicely and when the piece catches the light at certain angles really shows off the katana style metal the piece is made of. very happy with my necklace piece and will buy more from hatano sen in the future!

      The BENKEI 弁慶
      Anthony Harmon

      The bracelet I ordered is absolutely stunning and I have no doubt that when I give it to my wife on our anniversary, she will love it!

      The YOICHI 与一
      Jonathan Doshin

      I'm a huge fan of this style of item. The order took a perfectly acceptable amount of time to ship and arrive, as one expects for finely crafted items. I particularly like the box that the pendant came in, as an indicator of the craftsman's care and quality. I wish I could say the same of the necklace and clasp, but it is evident that money was saved on those components.
      The most important part, the pendant itself, is gorgeous. If you are considering this item, know that this is in the shape of an arrowhead, and not designed to be one! I love the size and scale (larger and significantly thicker than an arrowhead would have) which grant it a pleasant hefty weight.
      My only real disappointment was that the closure that holds the pendant was not up to the job. It was thin and bent under any pressure, yet remained slightly parted, barely keeping the pendant hanging from the necklace. I had only to tug on it with thumb and forefinger to remove the pendant, so I am glad I did, rather than risk losing it. I will be hanging it on a sturdier and longer chain that matches my aesthetic.
      If I remember to do so, I'll upload a photo once I have the new chain!

      Hello Jonathan!

      Thank you for reaching out and for your kind words. We will forward these concerns over to the smith regarding the necklace and clasp. We're very happy to hear that you love the pendant, and hope to have the chance to produce more accessories for you in the future!

      Hatano Sen

      The SŌHEI 僧兵
      Luke Nakashima
      Worth every cent

      Probably my favorite bracelet I own right now. Perfect fit and amazing quality, especially on the metal portions.

      lovely piece

      Shipped quick, very nice little box it came in
      piece over all is very nice and solid
      only real personal note is that the chain is a bit too small for my big head
      but thats me