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      Our Reviews

      Based on 565 reviews
      Great Piece!

      Fantastic piece, ever since I’ve received the necklace I’ve worn it constantly! Looks great in person, love the style as well!

      The MEN-YOROI 面鎧
      Cody Schuppe

      The MEN-YOROI 面鎧

      Really awesome looking.

      Gave as a gift and the reciever loved it

      The Hashira

      Excellent quality would buy again

      Love it but I have a few comments

      I adore this piece, the Damascus pendant was unlike anything i was able to find anywhere else. It was the main reason i bought it.

      I have a few complaints:
      1) the necklace came with a triangle wire connecting the pendant and the chain. It didn't look like it did online so i had to make alterations. This included using two pliers to pull the metal wire out (it was cut as one piece and bent into a triangle shape), squeezing the jump rings so i could fit it through the pendant, and then widening said ring (with a needle nose plier) so i could actually use it with the original clasp.
      2) the actual drilled hole in the pendant that allows the connection of the chain doesn't go straight through, nor is it in the middle. It starts on the hard left side with about a millimeter or so separating it from the pendant wall, and comes out closer to the middle on the other side. Not the biggest deal but its certainly not a shining moment.
      3) the pendant had a slight patina when it arrived, precautions could have been taken in the packaging/finishing process to minimize this.

      Don't get me wrong I still love this necklace and have been wearing it every day since I got it. I would have returned it for a replacement that had the above issues fixed but I don't really want to wait another month+ (ordered 7/25, received 9/16).

      Other than that I still love this piece, and I will recommend it to anyone interested, but I will let them know about my personal experience (which I assume doesn't happen often due to the amount of amazing reviews on the website).

      Hey Mike!

      Thank you so much for reaching out and letting us know about your experience. With regards to your concerns:

      1) We've brought the issue to the smith and let him know that he is to stop using the triangle wire attachment. There was some miscommunication around this as the leather cords we use require their usage (while the metal chains do not), and he ended up using them for every Hashira pendant. Moving forward, all Hashiras ordered with metal chains will come as shown in the image - with the chain threaded directly through the hole.

      2) We'll be more than happy to send you a replacement pendant with the next batch from the smith's forge at no added cost or need for a return as thanks for taking the time to leave such an honest and understanding review.

      Please reach out to us at info@hatanosen.com to confirm your address!

      Hatano Sen

      The HASHIRA 柱
      Tate Tamaye
      Hashira Necklace

      Sick necklace. That’s it.

      The HASHIRA 柱
      Edward Richardson

      It was exactly what I wanted

      Loved The Magatama

      Very impressed with the detail the chain is alright but the pendant is what truly stands out, loved the work & will definitely need to check out other items, Thank you all very much for the hard work, absolutely loved !

      The HASHIRA 柱
      Jeffrey Scott Gosselin
      Beautiful cherished pendants

      The steel is fantastic, as is the kanji. My only negative feedback is that the leather necklace is too short for me, and I had to combine two to make it work. Other than that, I'm very happy with my purchase.


      Everything about this omamori is beautiful. I love it.

      All good now

      Wrote a previous review giving this three stars. I just got my replacement today and it's exactly what I wanted the first time. Customer service was very helpful with helping to get this replacement.

      Excellent quality

      Very well made, and exceptionally beautiful. I love it.

      The HASHIRA 柱
      Beautiful pendant, tiny necklace

      Pendant is great, beautifully made. I got the brown leather cord for it and it's so small I can't hook it around my neck. It would be a choker on my wife at the biggest setting. I'll put my own cord on it to make it wearable. For the cord issues, only 3 stars. Would have been 5 stars had it been wearable out of the box.

      The YOICHI 与一
      Brandon loubeau
      Just as I expected

      Excellent craftsmanship, and something that will complement any outfit no matter how flashy or minimalistic.

      Breathtaking gift

      My boyfriend is very hard to purchase gifts for and he was floored when I gave him this one. Not only did he appreciate the history that comes with this charm, he even loved the wooden crafted box it came in! In fact, I think he loves the box as much as the charm itself. Thank you, Hatano Sen, for your incredible work and dedication to elevating Japanese history!

      The SUMI-E 墨絵
      Elier Serrano

      I loved the ring when it got here. I’m a very active person and i wanted something that looked good and didn’t have to worry about while i was working. The ink started rubbing off fairly quickly and most of it is gone now but i am still in love with the ring. The contrast between the steel and what’s left of think ink is amazing.

      The HASHIRA 柱
      A Mefford

      The orientation of the bail means the pendant forces the chain to twist. The pendant itself is beautifully crafted but the attachment is weak, figuratively and literally. A larger hole would allow the chain to pass through without a bail- that would be an interesting look.

      The MAGATAMA 勾玉
      Brandon Righetti
      Beautiful Pendant!

      I love the pendant itself; it’s beautiful and I’ve gotten a lot of compliments on it. Though I can’t say the same about the chain. I’ve worn it pretty consistently since it arrived, but it’s only been two weeks maybe at most and the chain has faded from a silver to a rose gold/bronze. I wish I had gotten the leather cord instead. At the end of the day though I payed for the pendant itself and I overall love it!

      The HASHIRA 柱
      Zackary Souza
      It's lit!

      These folks know how to make some beautiful stuff!

      The HANZO 半蔵
      jason pope

      Very good quality

      Beautiful Ring

      I recently received my ring, it is very beautiful. I messed up on my sizing order, so it doesn’t fit any of my fingers (lol). I’ll probably turn it to a necklace because it so darn beautiful.

      Awesome craftsmanship

      The TAMASHI 魂
      Sam Nakagawara

      it did take some time to get the product but it absolutely does not disappoint! very well done. I will be buying from them again soon!

      The HASHIRA 柱
      Burns Christopher

      The HASHIRA 柱

      A little bigger than I expected

      I chose the size based on another ring i had of the same size, but this one was kind of big and slips off my finger (its too small for my other fingers). It was also a thicker band than expected. It was a beautiful ring all else aside