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      Our Reviews

      Based on 654 reviews
      The MAGATAMA 勾玉
      Chengrui Yu

      The MAGATAMA 勾玉

      The MAGATAMA 勾玉
      Collin Brower

      Hashira pendant did not come with the necklace I ordered

      Hi Collin!

      Thank you for reaching out to us about this. Could you email us at info@hatanosen.com with your order number so we can take care of this for you?

      Hatano Sen

      The BENKEI 弁慶

      The MAGATAMA 勾玉
      danny sevichay
      Loved it

      It's very nice the only thing it came with chip damaged other than that it's awesome

      The MAGATAMA 勾玉
      Dujuan Delaney

      Absolutely love it

      The MAGATAMA 勾玉
      Elizabeth Conrad

      Great jewelry, amazing quality.

      The HASHIRA 柱
      Carrie Charleston
      It was okay

      The necklace looks nice, but there we’re noticeable grind marks on it, as well as different discoloration. I’m not sure if the discoloration is normal or not, but it is noticeable in the necklace along with the grind marks.

      Hello Carrie!

      Thanks for reaching out to us about this. While marks and small imperfections are to be expected as each item is made by hand, it sounds like you might have received a pendant that doesn't match our quality control standards. Could you please reach out to info@hatanosen.com with pictures of your item so we can discuss getting you a replacement?

      Hatano Sen

      The BENKEI 弁慶
      jennifer Glup
      Beautiful details

      My son loved his bracelet. The details were beautiful. From the bracelet to the box!! Thank you!!

      Great bracelet but some QC issues

      Wonderful ordering, shipping, and custom engraving process, and I love the bracelet and the box it came in. However, the metal was tarnished and lightly scratched in some places so I can't give 5 stars.

      The HASHIRA 柱
      Camilo Quintero
      Beautiful Items

      These are very nicely made crafts

      The ORIHIME & HIKOBOSHI 織姫と彦星

      The HASHIRA 柱
      Rylan Steitle
      Extremely nice

      Yes the quality of the chain itself is lacking but the pendant is extremely nice and I would highly recommend getting an engraving.

      The HASHIRA 柱
      Floyd Hamilton Jr
      Just as advertised

      Like they said, it did take almost two months to arrive, but it was worth it. Exactly as ordered and pictured. Perfect length, and the pendant is beautiful. Got the non-stainless version so well see how it go holds up

      Fantastic Gift

      Turned out to be my friend's favorite Christmas present this year! Thank you, Hatano Sen!

      The SŌHEI 僧兵
      Vas Prokov
      Sohei Fitting

      Larger size fits much better 😁😇

      The MUSASHI 武蔵
      Nick Rosales

      I think I saw this company on Instagram and instantly decided I needed one of their rings. The MUSASHI is probably my favorite ring right now and will be for a while. Lightweight and looks super clean. 10/10

      The HASHIRA 柱
      Adam White
      Great quality

      Awesome quality and box that it came in!! Thank you!

      Beautiful Ring!

      My partner was amazed at the quality and expertise put into his Musashi ring. From the forging to the engraving, everything about this ring was perfect.

      The Sōhei

      Absolutely beautiful bracelet and quality craftsmanship. The wait was worth it.

      Product was lovely with minor issue

      The Hashira with an engraving turned out wonderfully and feels unique and worth the price. My one issue was that I asked for a black leather rope for the pendant which results in a bail being put on. The bail, however, was put on in a way that would prevent the face of the hashira with the engraving to face the front. So I had to go add a ring to the pendant myself

      The HASHIRA 柱
      Ahmed Fazal-ur-rehman

      The HASHIRA 柱

      The HASHIRA 柱
      Craig Brandau
      Excellent Craftsmanship!

      Great work! My only complaint is that the necklace is short and not very strong.

      Perfect Christmas Gift

      Got it as a gift for my husband it he loved it!

      Good Health 健康
      David Xiong
      Amazing products

      My products were amazing. They came right before the holiday weekend. Everyone loved it. The only reason why I gave it a 4/5 was because most of the custom bamboo boxes that came with the product were damaged. I would really give it a 4.5/5 instead of a 4.

      Hey David!

      Thank you for reaching out to us about this and for your kind words. From what we understand, carriers have been less careful with delivering and handling packages due to the high volume of packages that they are seeing. It definitely seems that USPS mishandled your packages which led to damage on the boxes.

      While we are glad that you love your items, we would love to make it right. Drop us an email at info@hatanosen.com and we can discuss either getting you a discount code for future use or for a refund on the box cost.

      Hatano Sen

      The MUSASHI 武蔵
      Anne Glasscock
      Bought a ring for my grandson & he loved it!

      I bought a ring for my grandson & although it took awhile to get to him, he loved it & wears it everywhere.