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      Our Reviews

      Based on 801 reviews
      The HASHIRA 柱
      Owen Neumann
      Great Necklace

      First thing I want to say I hated the wait time but for a custom necklace it was worth it. I saw only two imperfections about the necklace a small crack on the top and a little yellow spot around the engravings. I would recommend the necklace and it was still amazing quality. 8.5/10


      Great quality. Pictures are accurate, easy on and off.

      The KAKEJIKU 掛軸
      Tyler Dimson

      The KAKEJIKU 掛軸

      The HASHIRA 柱
      Owen Hardy
      Love It!

      Actually way better quality than expected, can’t wait to buy the rest of them

      Very satisfied overall! The pendant looks great. There was a spot where it seems like the craftsman over-polished and the swirl pattern went away; however, I don’t really mind as the other side looks good

      The MAGATAMA 勾玉
      Jonathan Andrade

      It was a gift for my buddy and he absolutely loved it!

      The HASHIRA 柱
      Johnathon Robertson
      Wonderful Gift

      Looks really cool and it made for a wonderful gift.
      The pendant itself is great, though I plan to replace the chain to make it more custom.

      The HASHIRA 柱
      Chau Anh Nguyen
      It’s ok…

      The metal is beautiful but the engraving is hard to read and it looks like bad japanese hand writing. The chain also immediately snap. I want to request a new one.

      Hello Anh!

      Thank you for reaching out to us about this - could you please reach out to info@hatanosen.com with your order number so we can take care of this for you?

      Please note that as you did not submit a specific font to use for your engraving, we used our inhouse font (as mentioned in our instructions) which is a specific font designed by a Japanese calligraphy master. Any words done in that font would be professionally written and fully traditional.

      Hatano Sen

      The HASHIRA 柱
      Pedro Rubio

      The item was delivered as advertised. Its comfortable on the neck and looks great

      Happiness 幸せ
      Richard Lee

      Happiness 幸せ

      The HASHIRA 柱
      Krishigan Y
      High quality and sexy

      This chain is absolutely top quality, hand made and totally worth the 2 month wait. I got it custom engraved with a quote in Japanese and I get lots of compliments on it. Amazing piece, only small thing is the chain is a bit low quality for the weight and doesn’t inspire too much confidence when doing anything active.


      Very good. Even better than i expected

      The MAGATAMA 勾玉
      Ian Maeda-Glover
      Perfect (for me)

      The Magatama is a perfect & simple for anyone looking for a nice aesthetic. I personally wear dark clothes and the necklace compliments the outfits. The chain is probably one of the most comfortable/durable I have worn and the pendant feels amazing and weighty. Already looking for another accessory to go with. Much love

      Lovely Ring

      The ring I got looks amazing and I love the colors the finish is a bit odd but I'm already getting used to it. I am getting the recommended jewelry coating for it too and can't wait, great product.

      The CHOWA 調和
      Griffin Endres
      Love the pendent

      Love the pendant but some how the pendent fell off the necklace while I was still wearing it. 🤔

      Amazing Quality and Amazing Customer Service

      The pendant is beautiful. The chain that I was sent was broken, I reach out and the got back to me within a day and offered me option on what can be done. Once I chose the option I wanted it was processed right away.

      The HIRATE 平手
      Matt Hagedorn

      I have received a wondrous ring today that is expertly crafted and compliments the simplicity of my affects. The design is genuine and unique like a fingerprint. We’ll done!

      The HASHIRA 柱
      Jack Sandberg


      The MAGATAMA 勾玉
      Renee Antoine

      The MAGATAMA 勾玉

      The HASHIRA 柱
      Ayden Miller
      Love this Necklace

      The craftsmanship is remarkable I love the folds in the metal from the forging process I will defiantly buy from this seller again <3

      The HASHIRA 柱
      Aaron Young

      Fantastic quality and work. I really like how it came out

      The HASHIRA 柱
      Richard Vigil

      Beautiful craftsmanship love how it plays with the light as I move and angles change. Love it.

      I love this piece, seeing the play of light as it moves. Excellent craftsmanship, beautiful.

      The HASHIRA 柱
      James Hoang

      the feel and quality of the necklace is nice and the chain is around the perfect height i want it around from neck to chest

      The HANNYA 般若
      Robert Nelson
      Great romantic and unique gifts

      I love all the products I have ordered. Amazing personal items but also gifts. I used them for romantic gifts that led me to a proposal.