Shipment Status – Hatano Sen 旗之千
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      Please note that this page is not customized to your individual order information. Each shipment usually contains a range of 100+ orders, with the range clearly defined below.

      Example: If Shipment X contains orders #5000 - #6000, it will contain all orders ranging between the two numbers (#5001, #5002, #5003 etc. all the way up to #6000).  Hence, if your order number is #5464, then your order will fall into Shipment X. 

      These listed numbers are not indicative of your individual order number as they are ranges for every single one of our customers to understand which shipment their order falls into. Please consult your order confirmation email to get your order number. 

      Shipment 61 - Arrived at Warehouse (Closed)

      Contains order numbers: #9944 - #10312

      Shipment has arrived at our warehouse and orders are currently being processed. You can expect to see a notification shortly!

      Shipment 62 - Forging (Closed)

      Contains order numbers: #10313 - #10692

      Estimated date of arrival in the US: 2nd Week of February

      Shipment 63 - Open

      Contains order numbers: #10693 and onwards

      Estimated date of arrival in the US: 2nd Week of March