Our Steel – Hatano Sen 旗之千
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      Japanese katanas are renowned around the world for their steel. Acquired through a long, arduous process of constant refinement, this precious metal (known as tamahagane or 玉鋼) is the very pinnacle of high-end metallurgy. A single ingot of this incredibly valuable steel is worth its weight in gold, costing thousands of dollars and is a nationally protected resource in Japan.

      A chunk of raw Tamahagane

      A chunk of raw tamahagane

      At the same time, no one can doubt the aesthetic beauty of pattern-welded steel often seen in the likes of Damascus or Wootz steel. The unique swirls of contrasting colors that adorn such metals mesmerize and entrance those who look upon them.  

      Working closely with our master artisan, we are proud to announce a line of accessories forged from high carbon steel that is created using methods based on the traditional Japanese tatara production techniques, in order to birth a metal as close to tamahagane as possible. 

      The metals are then handfolded by following the processes used by smiths in the early Showa period to forge han-tanren-tō swords. Due to the usage of multiple layers of steel and careful control over the number of folds, the hada (grain pattern) on such metal is more pronounced and thus perfect for crafting jewelry pieces due to its visual qualities. 

      Finally, this is then combined with the etching processes used in the production of Damascus steel to further emphasize the beautiful patterns already present on the metal.

      The forging process

      We use this rare, unique fusion of old and new to cultivate the perfect accessories for the modern warrior.

      Please note that the patterns on each piece will vary according to the folds of the metal as well as the location on the ingot that the piece is cut from. As such, each accessory we produce is entirely unique in its existence!