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      Our Reviews

      Here at Hatano Sen, we are entirely dedicated to ensuring that each of our valued customers is satisfied with their purchase. See what our customers have to say about us!
      Based on 458 reviews
      Eugenia Williams

      Love my Magatama. Nice weight and size. Craftsmanship is beautiful. I am pleased, and will order more items.

      The MAGATAMA 勾玉


      It's a little small, but if I line up three I'll be quite happy.
      Indestructible of the river mud, Earth Shock, Ice and Fire, Zun of the Storm, Unbroken of the Gems blades and Forest Yu, Returned from the peak of the monten.

      Freaking Awesome with capital A !

      Custom and is badass ! I absolutely love it ! Looking forward to purchasing more custom pieces !

      The Great Wave

      Beautiful deep, dark sapphire coloring. Not a bright or shiny but a subtle statement. Was a bit skeptical because of the price; a quality piece worth the monies.

      The Tamashi is beautiful- worth the wait!

      My Tamashi pendant arrived in the mail today (mid-April 2021, following an initial order placed directly with Hatano Sen in late February 2021). The pendant is beautiful! The pattern of the folded steel is unique, and the kanji/katakana engraving is precise and easy to read (in light of various intensity). Only one minor complaint. The pendant is coated with a thin layer of lacquer to protect the steel from corrosion. The lacquer coating on my Tamashi is somewhat uneven- globs of lacquer are present (particularly on the front of the pendant), which somewhat obscures the kanji engraving. I contacted Hatano Sen upon receipt, and Gabriel politely explained that the substance I saw was, in fact, lacquer (and not clear adhesive, as I had originally suspected). Gabriel assured me that the lacquer would wear away with time, and should ideally be replaced with jewelry sealant once this occurred. Overall, a beautiful, unique piece that I will treasure. Thanks, Hatano Sen!

      My fiancé is do excited!

      We just received the ring in the mail, and my fiancé loves it and can't wait to wear it!  Fit is perfect and the patterning is beautiful!

      leather bracelet

      arrived without delay enclosed in sous box for presentation. unboxing was a joy; custom engraving was on point; and the steel against leather was the jewel in the package.

      Absolutely beautiful

      I absolutely love it!! It’s beautiful and very well made and I can’t wait to see what else I can order from y’all cause this is something I’d definitely enjoy wearing ^^

      They are more stunning in person

      I ordered the Sohei and some of the omamori, and all of them are exceptional, one of a kind pieces. They are gorgeously crafted. As an artist and sculptor myself, I really appreciate the small details that are visible in this piece and in all of their work, although I think mine may be missing a bead (3 metal ones).

      Hey Christopher!

      Thank you for reaching out and for your kind words. We did note that there was a potential production error with the first batch of Sohei bracelets (3 beads instead of 4) and sent out an email offering a replacement to those affected. If you have the time, could you check your email for the notification and respond to it for our records?

      Hatano Sen

      Beautiful bracelet but flawed

      The bracelet is quite nice but mine only came with three steel beads instead of four. Other than that the bracelet is beautifully crafted.

      Hey Dequindre! Thanks for reaching out to us about this. It seems the smith made a mistake, and we will be more than happy to send you a replacement. Feel free to keep the current bracelet you have, we'll get a new one over to you as soon as possible!

      Samurai mask

      Good quality very happy with the purchase

      Excellent quality

      Good quality but forgot the engraved part

      I bought this for my boyfriend and we both love it. It is not engraved though but we figured I could do it myself. Good quality ncie color and everything.

      They hit a home run with this one.

      I cannot express how goated “The Smith” (in capital letters); and how courteous Gabriel is. I’m sure that he is the spotlight of the Hatano Sen team morale. Vowed to cop every item from the store.

      I am excited for my custom engraved NIHONTŌ, lay practitioner iaidō and bujutsu.

      Beautifully made charm! Chain is meh.

      The magatama is absolutely beautiful and well made! The chain underwhelming but switched out the chain and I’m happy with it! Still 5 stars based on the charm itself!


      My two amulets are perfect, I am enjoying them very much. One will be traveling to Thailand as a gift. I'm certain will be treasured as will the bracelet I ordered from you!


      I’m very satisfied with the craftsmanship and the quality of the Omamori that I ordered and received. I definitely would consider ordering more items especially as gifts for my family and friends.


      Product arrived in a top craftsmanship wooden box. Charms are crafted Astonishing. Worth waiting for.

      Really lovely pieces!

      The two omamori I ordered arrived in beautiful boxes and really wonderfully made. The workmanship is lovely! I definitely recommend this company.

      Magatama necklace

      Love it.

      Great craftsmanship

      Product arrived in a nice crafted wooden box and great craftsmanship charms found inside of box


      The ring is quite impressive. Delivery took barely a month. Not bad, considering conditions being what they are.


      I love the Happiness amulet! Much thicker and heavier than I expected, and the gift box is a lovely touch! I’m thrilled with this, my second order from you, Thank you very much!

      Absolutely Incredible

      Just revived my Toichi, and it exceeded my expectations. I had it engraved in Kanji script for “strong heart.”

      The weight of this pendant is substantial. It was worth the wait (covid, winter storm, and personalization).