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      Our Reviews

      Here at Hatano Sen, we are entirely dedicated to ensuring that each of our valued customers is satisfied with their purchase. See what our customers have to say about us!
      Based on 535 reviews
      The HASHIRA 柱
      Jugs Judy

      The HASHIRA 柱

      I really like it

      Despite the beads being larger than other bead bracelets, it's not really heavy, and the wristband does a good job of holding everything together so nothing bounces or moves. Also it just looks really nice.

      Excellent craftsmanship

      Great Product, the craftsmanship is top notch!

      The YOICHI 与一
      Stephanie Jacko
      The Yoichi

      I love it. The craftsmanship of the piece is beautiful. I will definitely buy more items.

      The NOBUNAGA 信長
      Anthony Lucente
      Outstanding pair

      An outstanding knife, and the finest ring I have bought for myself; excellent craftsmanship

      The SŌHEI 僧兵
      Christopher MezaSolano

      Amazing craftsmanship

      The BENKEI 弁慶
      Steven Garrett
      Wedding band

      ありがとう this is my ring for my wedding. The fitting and look was すごい

      The KUSANAGI 草薙
      Gavin Richert

      The KUSANAGI 草薙

      Beautifully crafted

      The weight, the feel, it's unimaginably comfortable. I am used to a 3mm light wedding band. This is my first "large," sized ring. I am very satisfied. I admit, I had trepidation, but like a well made nihonto (I personally know from actual experience), this ring is balanced. Highly recommended. Right price, for right quality.

      This is stunning craftsmanship, I had the Kanji symbol for death engraved and was expecting it on the outter band but traditionally engravings are on the inside which I actually like more^^

      I really like the product!

      I got one of the necklaces but need to change the chain out because it's a little too short

      The MAGATAMA 勾玉
      Michael Gestner

      Looks great

      The SŌHEI 僧兵
      Lucas Heimgartner
      Wonderful Bracelet

      I was initially a bit hesitant to buy this, but I’ve liked the other items I’ve bought from Hatano Sen so I thought I would try it. It’s a really nice bracelet—big beads, not too heavy, and doesn’t seem to be at much risk for breaking. The wood beads are nice, and the steel ones are beautiful. All around a great bracelet

      The MAGATAMA 勾玉
      Lucas Heimgartner
      Beautiful Pendant

      I couldn’t be more happy with this item. Very well made, sturdy, and packaged beautifully—there is nothing more to say.

      The MAGATAMA 勾玉
      Nicholas Jaimes

      Turned out just as I hoped it would look like


      Beautiful peace, light and comes with 2 necklaces so you can switch it out back and forth. Also great communication from seller.

      I like it, but some issues

      A nice bracelet, but mine has some type of rust looking stains on it? Also, the bracelet was kinda tricky to adjust because there were no instructions on it, and I initially didn't want to toy with it too much because it was pricey. I found out the reason it was so hard to adjust was because the strings to adjust it were glued on one side, so I had to forcibly remove it from the letter. Not a huge problem just a nitpick, but now one of the strings sticks out on one side more because a part of it has dried glue. Overall not too noticeable, the rust-looking stains are the biggest drawback from me rating it higher though.

      Hi D!

      Thank you for reaching out to us and letting us know about this issue. We'll be more than happy to send you a replacement! Could you email us at info@hatanosen.com?

      Hatano Sen

      The HASHIRA 柱
      Jeromy Price
      Beautiful Piece!

      The Hashira I ordered with custom engraving is beautiful and exactly what I wanted. Thank you!

      Love it

      It’s a beautiful ring and fits perfectly, I can’t get over how amazing it looks and my friends and coworkers agree

      Amazing Quality

      Thank you for responding to the email regards to my package. Once received, the charm was given to my husband and it is so perfectly crafted and exactly what we expected. Thank you.

      Very nice work.

      The MAGATAMA 勾玉
      Rev. Christopher Mohr
      Superb craftsmanship

      I've ordered from here before, and I have always been pleased and surprised by the quality of the items. I would say, they are worth the (short) wait. Each one that I've ordered has clear, unique details (mesmerisingly clear on the omamori).

      Love it!

      Love the pendant. The box it came in is nice. Will definetly buy more in the future and go with the engraving.

      Love my purchase

      Both necklaces are greatly designed. Love the details put it into the pendants. Cant wait to buy more in the future.

      The SŌHEI 僧兵
      Servando Salazar
      Beautiful but a little tight

      I ordered the SŌHEI before the vendor had a default option for a larger size. The bracelet is absolutely beautiful but a bit tight.