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      Our Reviews

      Here at Hatano Sen, we are entirely dedicated to ensuring that each of our valued customers is satisfied with their purchase. See what our customers have to say about us!
      Based on 880 reviews
      The SUMI-E 墨絵
      Alejandro De La Mora
      The ring looks great!

      I was worried the ring would not get there in time for my wedding. Hatano Zen listened to my concern and managed to get it to me faster. The ring looks great too!

      The HASHIRA 柱
      Kristen Domingue
      Pretty good

      I got the Hashira pendant and it’s beautiful. The engraving was also pretty, but it is barely visible and a little uneven. And it took over 2 months to get to me so don’t buy on a time crunch. But overall I still like the product!

      The NOBUNAGA 信長
      Edward Sullivan
      Knife ceremony

      Compliments to all that was involved in creating this very special n unique knife. The craftsmanship n care that went into creating this unusual one of a kind knife is amazing. I’m very happy n satisfied. I’ll be looking out for some future purchases. Thanks again

      Great Products

      Worth the wait because it’s a long wait

      The HASHIRA 柱
      Hoan Doan
      Good product but needs improvement.

      I love the overall design and feel of the product, however, there can be some changes made to improve the experience and comfort. The chain that came with the pendant was too short for me so I had to switch it with another stainless steel beaded chain. The problem I ran into was the holes to feed the chain through was just big enough to feed the pendant through but not allow the pendant to comfortably move around the chain in. I was also struggling to find a bail that would allow me to showcase the front design of the pendant. It would be nice to have an option of a longer chain and a specific unique bail for this pendant.

      The NOBUNAGA 信長
      Benoit Cattiaut
      Absolute work of art

      Quality takes time, and I've never been so glad to be patient for once! I received the Nobunaga carefully packaged, and the level of details poured into crafting it is simply amazing. Pictures only do it so much justice. Besides, the customer service was diligent and helpful, as my order was slightly delayed.

      The HANZO 半蔵
      Quentin Hicks
      Yamato & Hanzo Pendent

      My wife and I love our pendents. They are smaller than I thought, but that's a good thing as I didn't want something too big. My pendent came without a necklace but I may have forgotten to select one. Easy fix, just used a chain I already had. Product took awhile as described, that's to be expected. They were delivered in a couple of weeks. Had no issues with shipping. Been wanting the Yamato pendent for myself for years. Great work.

      The HASHIRA 柱
      Kurtis grunst
      I love this necklace

      I love the simple design that matches about anything and I have worn it every day since getting it. The shipping was very fast and I got it within a week of ordering.

      Just as pictured 👍

      Great blade as shown, and good communication overall.

      The HASHIRA 柱
      Brock Bortolotti

      The HASHIRA 柱

      The HASHIRA 柱
      Kwane Vedrene
      Good customer service

      Handle matter expeditiously and courteously.

      Yamato no Orochi

      I really like the whole themed jewelry. This ring is beautiful and well made. Colors and patterns are striking. Worth it.

      The HASHIRA 柱
      Austen Bowes
      Item it great, takes forever to ship and very little tracking

      This necklace is so cute and so well made but I ordered it the first week of July and get it the first week of September. Make sure to order ahead of time. Price is great as well!


      When I first ordered the Hashira, I was disappointed that it did not come with a bail pendant clasp. This meant that it often got hung up on it's own necklace and it was frustrating. Hatano Sen listens to their customers and adds one for the Seikinseki and it makes for a great experience. The pendant itself was surprisingly dull when compared to its online high contrast photos but with a little buffing it did shine up. Overall, it's very similar to the Hashira and makes for a great accessory on the daily.

      The amulet is beautiful, but the chain ...

      Lapis lazuli is one of my favorite stones. As soon as I saw this pendant from Hatano Sen (long time fan, first time buyer), it went into my cart IMMEDIATELY! I was so excited - I would look at pictures of the necklace daily. When it arrived, it came in a beautiful wooden box and the pendant itself is just GORGEOUS! The blue looks lighter in person, but there are mesmerizing swirls of different shades and it's just such a beautiful stone. It's made me want to collect the next gemstone necklace from Hatano Sen (The KUJAKUSEKI 孔雀石).

      The one bad thing I will say about it is that the metal chain that comes with it is not great quality. The latch on the necklace doesn't close all the way. So, on my first day wearing it, the necklace fell off once or twice (thankfully, I noticed and didn't lose it).
      I've transferred the pendant onto a different chain, but it's a shame that the original doesn't match the beauty and quality of the pendant itself.

      Overall, I am extremely happy with this first purchase from Hatano Sen and I'm looking forward to making the next. :)

      I didn't get it

      Hello Jonathan!

      Thank you for reaching out to us. According to our records, your order was shipped and delivered at your doorstep on the 9th of September. We would love for you to update your review!

      Hatano Sen

      The MAGATAMA 勾玉
      James Hoffman

      Necklace came in exactly as described. Very nice craftsmanship.

      The HASHIRA 柱
      Spenser Matsumoto
      Nice minimalist design

      Haven’t had a chance to wear it but it has a nice weight to it. Some discoloration around the hole (not sure if it’s rust) but aside from that it’s a beautiful item.

      The HASHIRA 柱
      Collin Chen

      Great product

      Very cool product

      Got a lot of compliments wearing this necklace. My only complaint is the pendant would slipping out of the metal necklace chain. I think an easy solution is to buy a thicker chain or attempt to choose the hole that connect the pendant to the chain.

      The HASHIRA 柱

      The NOBUNAGA 信長
      Alejandro Lepe
      Th Nobunaga - Beautiful Design but Lackluster Blade

      The knife itself is gorgeous, but the blade profile is a little too thick out of the box to cut much of anything. Even after trying to sharpen it, the knife wouldn't cut as precisely as a pocket-sized tool should.

      Hello Alejandro!

      Could you please reach out to us at info@hatanosen.com so we can address your concerns?

      Hatano Sen

      The HASHIRA 柱
      Phoebe Simon
      Beautiful craftsmanship

      I bought the Hashira for my son and he loves it. The length is perfect and the workmanship is beautiful.

      Great pendant, poor chain

      Purchased the chain a while back and the pendant itself is awesome! The Damascus pattern really stands out and find it interesting how each pendant is unique. The main things that could’ve been improved are mainly on the provided chain - for the price point, I found the pendant getting stuck sometimes and the clasp shifting pretty often. Also, within two months of wearing it, the chain was pretty corroded throughout and I couldn’t wear it anymore without having rust staining the collars of shirts. Even with thorough cleaning and attempting to remove rusting, I still could not get it back to the same condition as it was from the beginning. This is the best pendant I’ve found although, the chain is holding it back.

      Hello Guian!

      Thank you for taking the time to leave a review, and for your kind words. While the chains we provide are intended to be basic additions, we definitely want to make sure we take care of this for you. Could you reach out to us at info@hatanosen.com?

      Hatano Sen

      The HASHIRA 柱
      Philip Moyer
      Pendant is perfect, chain is annoying

      This pendant is gorgeous. The pattern is subtle, but distinct, and the weight and edges do not seem to be a problem in any way; I almost always sleep while wearing it. The chain, however, would pinch my beard stubble and it hurt rather a lot. I swapped the necklace that came with it for a 2.5mm ball chain and it's perfect. Highly recommend this piece; you won't be disappointed.

      Hello Philip!

      Thank you for taking the time to leave a review, and for your kind words. I’m glad to hear that you fixed the issue, however please reach out to us at info@hatanosen.com if there’s anything else we can do for you!

      Hatano Sen