The Standard Collection – Hatano Sen 旗之千
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      The Standard Collection

      The creation of each piece of our standard collection is personally overseen by our smith and his apprentices, working in concert to forge an accessory of undisputed quality and aesthetic appeal.
      The YOICHI 与一 The YOICHI 与一
      From $40.00
      The MAGATAMA 勾玉 The MAGATAMA 勾玉
      From $30.00
      The TAMASHI 魂 The TAMASHI 魂
      From $40.00
      The YAMATO 大和 The YAMATO 大和
      From $50.00
      Travel Safety 交通安全 Travel Safety 交通安全
      Good Health 健康 Good Health 健康
      Love 縁結 Love 縁結
      Warding Against Evil 厄除 Warding Against Evil 厄除
      Happiness 幸せ Happiness 幸せ
      The HASHIRA 柱 The HASHIRA 柱
      From $40.00
      The CHOWA 調和 The CHOWA 調和
      From $65.00